Business Driver Training
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$ 240.00 Per Person
First  Module includes the following topics: Work place & Vehicle Safety, OH&S responsibilities. Blind Spots, Roundabouts, Traffic lights, Giving Way & traffic Islands, Covering the Brake, Head Checks, Road side First Aid, Driver Fatigue- signs & symptoms, treatment & micro sleeps. Defensive Driving Techniques, Crash statistics- why, when & where, Safety Cushion, 3 Second Gap, Wet & Dry roads, Scanning Ahead  and Emergency braking.
Small Group Discussion 1. What’s the difference between Defensive Driving &  Advanced Driving Courses?  DEFENSIVE DRIVING is driving on your guard, ready to take evasive action immediately. Defensive driving involves techniques like, checking over your shoulder when changing lanes, covering your brake when approaching dangerous situations in traffic, especially at intersections, being prepared at all times for a worst case scenario and responding spontaneously to pre-learned safety skills. Research has shown that Defensive Driving reduces accident & death rates substantially. ADVANCES DRIVING COURSES however are for Police, Ambulance & other Emergency Vehicles. They involve high speed driving, skids & slides etc… Initially advanced courses actually increase the accident & death rate as individuals tend to reduce their safety margins to test their new driving skills. 2. What are the benefits to employers whose employees have  completed a Defensive Driving Course?   Fewer days lost due to injury, Reduced risk of work related ill health, Reduced stress & improved morale, Less need for investigations & paperwork, Less lost time to work rescheduling, fewer vehicles off road for repairs, reduced running costs through better driving standards, fewer missed orders, reducing the risk of losing the goodwill of customers.        3.  I’m running late for an appointment.                What should I do? 4. Describe the personality types likely to have serious accidents  and ways in which we can protect ourselves and society from  their irresponsible behaviour.  5. How does the motor car affect our society i.e. advantages and  disadvantages.  6. Discuss the cost of car accidents to the family and the community in terms of loss of life and associated financial costs. 7. Discuss civil liberties and the road rules? 8. Discuss the different mindset between hoons and young  women, i.e. social status, ego, mobility, independence etc. & why  and how they use cars differently. 9. Why do many people blame others when they have an accident or ‘close-call?
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