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When I was in primary school, I loved maths & science. I started helping my friends who were struggling, that continued on into high school & my working life. Today, my gifts are making the complicated simple & teaching excellence in driving. My passion is teaching small groups of up to 10 clients per day. I love the dynamics of team building, communications, keeping it simple, accident prevention & sharing my life saving knowledge & common sense. Building  Skills for Life
Phil's passion is teaching Defensive Driving. He has gone the extra mile and studied driving behaviour  in Australia and overseas.  Phil Burns has been a commercial driving instructor for more than 22 years. He is also a TAFE qualified Trainer/Assessor, Cert 4.  With some horror, Phil has studied the alarming statistics  worldwide in regard to death and serious injury in motor vehicle accidents. He has discovered some enlightening facts as to why the accident rate is so high .  Phil has been driving for 41years - has worked as a truck driver, bus driver and has ridden motor cycles for many years. He has been around the block a few times and has  a lot of common sense, working on the principle of "keep it simple" (KIS).  "
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